Workshop on the IPv6 development in Saudi Arabia

The internet has become an essential enabler and factor in all social, economic and educational aspects of our lives. The Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4), the building block of the internet, is a scarce and limited resource that is being depleted with estimates expecting the time of depletion to be around the year 2011. To address the looming depletion of IPv4, the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) standard has been introduced to secure the reliability, scalability and sustainability of future growth of the internet.

CITC has organized a workshop to address the IPv6 Saudi Arabian perspective in addition to the worldwide IPv6 developments. DevoTeam was the sponsor of this workshop.

The workshop was held on Sunday 8th of February 2009, in Sheraton Hotel, Riyadh.

Workshop Agenda

Session 1
Chair: Dr. Suliman Mirdad
09:00 Opening speech H.E. the CITC Governor
09:05 Sponsor Speech Mr. Osama Ghoul
09:10 IPv6 perspective in Saudi Arabia Dr. Ibraheem Alfuraih, CITC
09:20 IPv6 Around the World Latif Ladid, President IPv6 Forum
09:50 Transition to IPv6: Drivers, Opportunities and Challenges Dr. Abdelfattah Abuqayyas, CITC
10:20 Questions & Answers
10:30 Break


Session 2
Chair: Dr. Fahad Alhoymany
10:45 IP Address Policy developments, IPv4 & IPv6. The RIPE NCC View Axel Pawlik, RIPE NCC
11:15 IPv6 applications technical & business challenges from the European IPv6 Task Force perspective Dr. Tayeb Ben Meriem, European IPv6 task Force Steering Committee member
11:45 IPv6 Transition & Operational Reality Randy Bush, Internet Initiative Japan
12:15 Questions & Answers
12:25 Prayer


Session 3
Chair: Mr. Latif Ladid
12:45 DNS system under IPv6 Raed Alfayez, Saudi NIC, CITC
01:15 Technical developments in IPv4 and IPv6 Gert Doring, Devoteam
01:45 Saudi Arabia IPv6 task force members presentations Task Force Members
02:35 Closing Remarks
02:40 Lunch