IPv6 task force 8th meeting

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IPv6 task force 8th meeting will be held on Wednesday 17th of March 2010 at Holiday Inn Al Qasr in Riyadh, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm

The meeting is generously sponsored by Italtel .

Meeting Agenda:

Start End Presentation
08:30 09:00 am Registration
09:00 09:05 am Introduction and Welcoming
09:05 09:15 am Saudi Arabia IPv6 Update (CITC)
09:15 09:45 am Case Studies v6 Transition (Italtel)
09:45 10:15 am IPv6 over DSL (STC)
10:15 10:45 am Tea Break
10:45 11:30 am IPv6 Implementations in CITC (CITC)
11:30 11:50 am Middle East Networker Operators Group (MENOG)
11:50 12:20 pm Task force members status update and discussion
12:20 ------------- Prayer - Lunch
8th IPv6 Task Force - Saudi Arabia IPv6 Update -CITC, Dr. Ibraheem Alfuraih1.75 MB
Case Studies in v6 Transition - Italtel, Danilo Baiardo1.09 MB
IPv6 over DSL - STC, Ashraf Sattar83.44 KB
IPv6 Deployments in CITC - CITC, Bilal Alsabbagh & Arun N S1.08 MB
Middle East Network Operators Group - MENOG, Osama Al-Dosary191.82 KB