As part of CITC effort to support the adoption of the IPv6 in Saudi Arabia, CITC will be honored to award the enterprises and service providers that have successfully achieved major steps in IPv6 adoption. The awarding will take place during the IPv6 national Forum on the 7th of May 2015, there will be two main categories for awarding Enterprises and Service Providers.


Enterprises’ Awarding Criteria:

– The enterprise is a government entity or private sector entity officially registered in Saudi Arabia

– The enterprise’s  website is reachable over IPv6.

– Email can be delivered and received over IPv6.

– Forward and reverse DNS is available over IPv6.

– The website, mail and DNS are hosted in Saudi Arabia.


Service Providers Awarding Criteria:

– The service provider is officially licensed in Saudi Arabia

– Has already provided native IPv6 connectivity to customers (not tunneled)

– Is connected with at least two Internet upstream provider over IPv6.


The submission for awarding is closed