The following are useful tools for the IPv6 domain:

  1. The Routing Status widget shows if a prefix is routed and, therefore, if the ASN is in use, DNS Chain runs a recursive sequence of DNS forward (A/AAAA) and reverse (PTR) records, starting from either a hostname or an IP address. The relations are represented graphically in a node-link diagram.
  2. DNS Check helps people to check, measure and hopefully also understand the workings of the DOMAIN NAME System, DNS. The domain name system (DNS in short) keeps track of the mapping of, for example, a human-readable website name to the slightly more arcane form of an IP-address that the computer needs to initiate communication
  3. BGP Looking Glass shows the BGP routing state for a given prefix as seen by the RIPE NCC’s Routing Information System (RIS).
  4. The Routing Status widget shows if a prefix is routed and, therefore, if the ASN is in use
  5. Country Routing Statistics visualizes the development of a country’s Autonomous Systems, IPv4 and IPv6 prefixes over time. It also allows users to compare up to four different countries at the same time, in the same display window, and lets them monitor a country to see automatically updated information. The figures are given in total numbers with a variable granularity depending on the time frame selected.

Please select any of the above listed tools below: