Ibraheem Al Furaih


Dr. Al-Furaih is the General Manager of Internet Services in the Communications and Information technology Commission (CITC), which is in charge of Internet Development in Saudi Arabia and related issues. Currently is managing a few projects related to Internet such as Internet restructuring project in Saudi Arabia, Internet Development Project, National Internet Exchange, IPv6 development in Saudi Arabia, Anti-SPAM regulatory framework, etc. Dr. Al-Furaih obtained his Master in Computer Science from Syracuse University in 1995, and his PhD in computer science from Syracuse University in 1998. Al-Furaih has over fifteen years of experience in Information and Communication technologies, managing operation centers, project management, strategic planning, networking, IT applications, and Internet technologies. He has been in various management positions; department management, technical management and Network operations management. His experience include strategic planning, capacity planning, business continuity planning, Internet and Telecommunication laws and regulations, Internet infrastructure, project management, policy development, Internet content filtering, customer care, human resources development, RFP preparation and evaluation, product evaluation and procurement.