Dr Tayeb Ben Meriem


  • Member of IPv6 Forum
  • Member of European IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee
  • VP of French IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee
  • Vice-Chair of IPv6 promotion Council of China
  • President of French IPv6 Summit (2006)


This presentation aims at highlighting the main benefits that IPv6 could bring to the Applications & services. This work has been carried out within “Applications” topic of the European IPv6 Task Force Steering Committee with the main objective to identify the main trends, for decision makers, from a business and technical perspective, the role of Applications, as an enabler in the acceleration of IPv6 deployment.

The approach chosen was to focus on a few relevant applications (Multi-play, home networking, M2M/RFID, communicating object networks, sensors networks, Social Networks based on Web2.0, Emergency & crisis, Transportation, Push applications) on one hand. These applications should be coupled to the access networks (Fixed & Mobile: xDSL, Cable, FTTH, ETTX, WIMAX, 3G, HSPA, LTE, DVB-H/T/S/SH,..) which are the potential “goldmine” of revenue growth through these applications in the coming years for ISPs and associated partners in the access value chain (content providers, vendors, software providers, handsets manufactures, home electronic devices manufacturers ..).