CITC Organized IPv6 Training

CITC has organized  a one day “IPv6 training”  on Sunday, 3rd of April 2011 at Sheraton Riyadh Hotel, Pavilion Meeting Room.

The training has covered the following topics:

·         IPv6 Introduction

o   IPv6 Motivations and Features

o   IPv6 Global Statistics

o   IPv6 Roadmap

·         IPv6 Addressing and Sub-netting

o   IPv6 Global Address Format and notation

o   IPv6 Special Addresses

o   IPv6 Address Auto configuration and Renumbering

·         IPv6 transition techniques

o   IPv6 Native Addressing

o   IPv6/IPv4 Dual-Stack Implementation

o   Tunneling

    IPv6 Hands-on

·         Configure IPv6 Tunnels

·         IPv6 Host Configuration

o   Linux

o   Windows

·         Test IPv6 Connectivity

·         Enable IPv6 Support on BIND DNS Server

·         IPv6 BIND DNS Configuration

o   IPv6 AAAA Records

o   IPv6 Reverse Records

·         Enable IPv6 Support on Apache Web Server

·         Enable IPv6 for Postfix Mail Server

·         IPv6 Network troubleshooting tools

o   IPv6 Trcaeroute

o   IPv6 Ping

o   IPv6 Lookup

·         Acquiring Hurricane Electric IPv6 Sage Certificate

Date: 3rd April 2011
Location: The Sheraton Riyadh Hotel, Pavilion Meeting Room.

Training schedule:

Session Start End
Registration 8.30 am 9.00 am
First Session 9.00 am 10.30 am
Tea Break 10.30 am 10.45 am
Second Session 10.45 am 12.00 pm
Prayer – Lunch 12.00 pm 1.00 pm
Third Session 1.00 pm 2.30 pm
Tea Break 2.30 pm 2.45 pm
Fourth Session 2.45 pm 4.00 pm

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