CITC IPv6 Tunnel Broker


CITC IPv6 tunnel broker is open source IPv6 TSP tunnel broker/server.

Most end-user devices are IPv6 capable, but sometimes the end-user’s service provider does not support IPv6. In that case, end users need to tunnel IPv6 traffic over their IPv4 connection. The project to create a tunnel broker compatible with existing TSP clients begun in July/August 2010. At that time there were no open source solutions for IPv6 tunnel servers and there were limitations with the commercial solutions. The CITC tunnel broker project aims at minimal configuration overhead, authentication support, static tunnels, static prefix assignments etc., with fast, scalable and compatible design.


This product is based on Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP), which is used to negotiate tunnel setup parameters between client and tunnel broker server. Please refer the RFC 5572 for more details at .

Download CITC IPv6 Tunnel Broker

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